Getting to know MVP Discs: 23MM Distance Driver - Energy

Getting to know MVP Discs:   23MM Distance Driver - Energy
The Energy is a demanding overstable high-speed distance driver.
Energy is designed to resist power and headwind. It will handle the hardest throws into the hardest winds and yield predictable golf flights. As the overstable bookend to the 23mm class, Energy shares its core and shallow dome with the Nitro. When you're going for max distance above all, added dome and glide is useful -- with the superb line-holding properties of GYRO™, the Energy is able to take advantage of this glide without sacrificing its wind resistance.
Energy Model Specs
Class: 23mm Distance Driver
Weights: 164g - 175g
Diameter: 21.1cm
PDGA max weight: 175.1g
The Energy is fast and overstable -- simply put, it takes a lot of energy to get this disc moving.

Power throwers will find it reliable into headwinds with a long straight flight before fading. Average power throwers will find significantly shorter lines from the Energy, and it may better suit a utility role such as skip shots and headwind spikes.
A good equivalent would be the energy flies like a faster monster or XXX.
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