Getting to know MVP Discs: 23MM Distance Driver - Nitro

Getting to know MVP Discs:   23MM Distance Driver - Nitro
The Nitro is a high speed stable-overstable distance driver.
Nitro falls in the general stability lineage of Servo, Volt, Tesla, and Photon, with a turn-resistant profile that covers ground and guarantees a fade finish. Average throwers may need lighter weights or headwinds to achieve what little turn is offered by Nitro, while power throwers will find a workable and responsive shallow turn.
Nitro Model Specs
Class: 23mm Distance Driver
Weights: 164g - 175g
Diameter: 21.1cm
Rim width: 23mm
PDGA max weight: 176g
The Nitro has a very demanding high speed requirement and rim width, but if fully powered its dome will provide excellent glide and cover massive distance.

Power throwers will be able to activate a flight extending shallow turnover, while average throwers may only see this in a headwind. With its high speed requirement and stable-overstable nature at full speed, many players may find the Nitro to be a suitable max distance overstable driver.
To learn more about the Nitro and other MVP Products, visit their page at
A good comparison to the Nitro's flight path is the Innova Destroyer and the Dynamic Discs Trespass.   
But the only way to know for sure if the Nitro is for you is to buy yourself one and take it out for a test!
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