Indoor putting league

Indoor putting league

Last night (January 4th), the Thumb Area Disc Golf Club (TADGC) and the Heart of the Thumb Disc Golf Club (HOTTDGC) held their first indoor putting league at the Marlette Disc Golf Course.

15 people showed.   The format for our league was based on the Perfect Putt 360 app (  We set up five baskets, one at each of the five distances in the app.   

We threw in a twist though.  At the beginning of each round, a dice was rolled.   If the dice rolled was a 1 thu 5, the basket at that station was replaced with an MVP Black Hole Precision Basket (MVP Disc Sports) just to give it a twist.   

Overall, the event was a huge success and it has generated a lot of interest that hopefully translates into more coming out to play.   

I don't want to reveal the twist for next week, but it will be something that could be actually experienced on the course.   

Have a great day people!   Rock on and keep those discs a flying!

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