Let it snow let it snow let it snow...

Let it snow let it snow let it snow...

Sunday, December 11th was my first time ever playing disc golf in the snow and I gotta tell you, I had a blast!

I admit, I do miss playing with short sleeved shirt and shorts, but there was just something magical about the snow.  

It was a challenge to find the discs and I learned quickly what the tell tale signs were on where a disc landed.   And, of course, my white discs stayed in my bag.   In hind site I'm not sure why I even had them, I should've known better.

Staying warm wasn't an issue for me.   I was like an ogre and had layers.   I was pretty warm and even ended up sweating.  

My biggest problem was my footwear.   They did not get a grip on the tee pad.   I had to really do my steps slowly and deliberately to avoid slipping and falling.   So, new shoes are on the way.

So, this rookie got out there and had a good time.   That means you old pros shouldn't have a problem either.   

Hope to see you on the course soon!   Rock on everybody!

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