Winter Disc Golfing

Winter Disc Golfing

This is my first winter playing disc golf.   I don't like it!   The days are too short and maybe it's because I haven't played long enough but I don't like glow golf.   Before you try to burn me at the stake, at least let me finish my thoughts.

Since my disc golf career is still in its infancy, I am not the most accurate thrower.   Sometimes the disc goes where I want it to, but other times it goes in odd directions and even sometimes in directions that defies physics.   So, putting glow tape on my discs and or LED lights only add to my frustration of wondering where my disc went to this time.

With the days getting shorter, I have less playing time with daylight.   So, I try to do indoor activities when the sun is sleeping and try to get out and throw when the sun shines.   

But, the end is near!   In 19 days it'll be the winter solstice!  Which means in less than 3 weeks, the days will start getting longer again!   So, my positive attitude will return and I will anxiously await the arrival of Spring!

Several friends have told me that the more I play in the winter, the better I will be when Spring arrives.   I've heard various explanations as to why and I'm willing to accept every one of the reasons.   I know when Spring arrives, I will be playing better!

So, another post without a purpose to my ramblings.   But hey, my store is so new, I will be shocked if anyone is even reading my blog yet!

Rock on People!

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