Word of the day..

Word of the day..

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take a lesson with Scott Stokely, PDGA #3140.   I was excited to meet him, to get a chance to pick his brain, and most importantly, find ways to improve my game.

We started working on my backhand first, the only throw that's in my arsenal.   He watched me throw and then pointed out some area I needed improvement in.   We also had a chance to start to develop my forehand but I will take another lesson from him before I move on to other throws.

His lesson was clear, sometimes to the point where I was "okay, I got it, stand up straight!" but Scott pounded it into my head like a good instructor does.   Overall, the experience was a great one and I plan on taking more lessons from him in the future.

Since the lesson, I've had a few chances to throw, mostly because winter decided to finally show up here in Michigan and well, I've had a lot of work to do and it didn't help that I got sick.   But, I am getting off topic.   

Today it dawned on me the one word Scott and I didn't discuss, and it's the word that best describes how I feel about my game now.   That word is confidence.   

I did throw a few days ago in my back yard and I took a picture of my walking trails of retrieving my discs.   I sent it to Scott and pointed out to him why two went to the left and one went way to the right.   His response was something along the lines of it's good that I know why those throws were off.

His last words to me gave me a ton of confidence, I now feel that when I throw, I'll know what I'm doing wrong and be able to make adjustments to correct it.   Don't get me wrong, my game has a long way to go before I'll be satisfied, if ever.   But for now, I'll take my new confidence in my game!   

If you are interested in a video lesson from Scott Stokely, you can contact him and I'm sure he'll gladly give you the details and work with you.   You can reach Scott at sostokely@gmail.com

Merry Christmas everyone!

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