Discmania Lunatic Disc Golf Shoe

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Discmania Lunatic shoe is particularly designed for disc golf. Water proof LunaDry-shell, reinforced toe guard and rugged sole for turf tee pads will guarantee you a comfortable rounds of disc golf. We made the body of the shoe extra stiff, so your throwing motion will not twist your feet. Available in sizes US 8 – US 12.5

The shoe has been designed and manufactured in collaboration with Halti, a renowned outdoor brand from Finland.

Please note: The sizes seem to run pretty close to Nike sizing. If you have a pair of Nike shoes in size 12, the same size of these shoes should fit you nicely.

One year warranty against manufacturing flaws.

For any returns, please return package intact with all tags attached. Any signs of wear or damage to shoe will not issue a refund. Please be aware.

These shoes are designed specifically for use on turf teepads. Keep in mind that usage and damage on concrete may revoke warranty