Team D2B

Disc 2 Basket's top two goals are to 1, Grow the Sport and 2, Give back!   Disc golf has given me (John Herman) so much in such a short period of time, I feel it is my duty to give back and grow the sport.   

One of the ways I want to give back is to support disc golfers that share the same passion as I do to grow the sport and give back.   Team D2B is exactly that!   I am proud of each and every team member I have and look forward to expanding the team in years to come!

Ambassador Team:  The ambassador team is my team members are the ones that are out growing the sport and giving back.   They look for opportunities and take it.   They are active in the sport and in their communities.

Scott Adkins

Scott Adkins:   PDGA#. Scott has only been playing for one year but in that year he's been very active in the local disc golf scene and in his community.   

Pro Team:   These are Team D2B's pros.   

Ducky Faulkner:   PDGA # 81978 Born in 1978 started to play in 1990 at the age of 12. Since then Ducky has continued to grow the sport by getting new courses into the parks and some private land. If he catches you watching he will approach and give you disc and information about the game in the hopes of new players . 

Emerging:   This is Team D2B's up and coming players.   Looking to see them go pro in the near future!


Jessica Jaworski:  PDGA #64840.   Jessica hails from Oakland, MI.   She graduated from Ferris State University in 2011 with a dual degree, B.S of Allied Health Science and Dental Hygiene. She's been a discer since late 2000 and started tournaments in 2013.

Her most memoriable event in Disc Golf is the 2017 Worlds Ace and 2016 FAM2 Bowling Green Champion. 
"I am addicted to plastic and this beautiful sport. Disc Golf is my therapy." 
Discs in my bag.. too many to list lol I have a mixed bag of plastic
Other sponsors: Team Under54, Team Stony


Youth:  Our number one goal at D2B is to grow the sport and we feel by encouraging your young players, we will achieve that goal!

Kasey Gambee:   - PDGA # 85553 - Kasey has been playing disc golf for 1 1/2 year.   2016 was her first year competing. In that year, she accumulated four career wins, She is the reigning Midwest Regional FJ3 Champion and Michigan State FJ3 Champion. - Kasey said her goals for 2017 are "to get my rating over 600, start a disc golf club at my school, and play to the best of my ability."

Marlette Red Raiders Disc Golf Team

Marlette Red Raiders Disc Golf Team:  We are working with Marlette Community Schools in creating the Marlette Disc Golf Team.   Although it is more of a club, they do intend in participating in the first ever Michigan High School Disc Golf Championship to be held June 17th.   The team practices several times a week at the Marlette Disc Golf Club.   Although primarily for High Schoolers, all family members are encouraged to participate.


John Herman

John Herman:  PDGA #87193.  Although I am not a team member, I do represent Team D2B by being active in the community, hosting tournaments and events, and participating in tournaments.   Brian Evans and I host a Disc Golf Chat on youtube on Sunday evening, and available for you anytime.   Disc golf has brought to me some amazing friends in a short period of time.   I truly love this sport and all those that play the game!