MVP Deflector Midrange Driver Special Edition - TV Set #2: 8-Bit Gamer

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To commemorate the highly anticipated debut of the Deflector overstable midrange, we’re proud to introduce MVP’s first paired Special Edition -- the TV Set.  #2 in this set, “8-Bit Gamer”, is a walk down retro gaming lane, with pixelated graphics and focused space-fighter action.  Navigate your deflection disc to protect the precious bar-stamp cargo before oncoming Black Holes devour it under their immense gravitational pull.  This triple-foil piece by MVP Art Director ZAM brings a fun nostalgic flavor to MVP’s geeky catalog, and will boost the basket-seeking factor of your Deflector.  MVP is all about the science behind the fun, so the Deflector TV Set melds old-school display technology and gaming.