DGA Direct Hit Disc Golf Basket Wind Flags

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Direct Hit Disc Golf Basket Wind Flags add visibility to your pin placements as well as offering the player wind speed and direction information. First flag flies at 6 mph, the second at 12 mph and all three at 18 mph.

The flag is made of fade-resistant DuPont® SolarMax® fabric. Each lot of flags is tested for wind speed calibration and flutter smoothness. Flags are 4 quad stitched on the fly end and then folded over and locked stitched for outstanding resistance to fraying even under high wind conditions.

Tube-lock flags are sewn onto a molded high-strength plastic tube that slips over the flag stick and is secured with an acorn nut. Wind speed numbers and other graphics are silk screened onto the fabric for durability. The flags are easily visible at over 200 yards.

  • Add visibility to your pin placements
  • Shows wind speed and wind direction
  • Fade-resistant and durable
  • Visible at over 200 yards
  • $29.95 ea.
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