UFO Glow Tape Rings

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The best glow in the dark tape for disc golf and ultimate. UFO Glow tape rings are lighter, more durable and longer lasting than traditional glow duct tape.

  • Superior Glow - Brighter and longer lasting glow power. Up to 4 hours glow time.
  • Smarter Design - Designed to have minimal effect on the flight of your disc. Razor thin glow tape doesn’t get in your way.
  • Staying Power - The tape stays on longer. And when you are ready to remove, it peels right off without any residue.
  • Circles are Better - The circular design keeps the disc more balanced during flight, compared to traditional glow tape which causes a slight change to disc flight.
  • Easy to install - The glow rings easily sticks on like, well, tape. Our packaging contains a centering diagram to help easily install your glow tape rings perfectly.

    Pack includes 4 varying size Glow Tape Rings, 4 Small Glow Tape Dots, and 1 Large Glow Tape Dot.